Counselling psychological services

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Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health is an essential aspect of wellbeing. As humans we all experience loss, painful emotions and memories. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves or it feels like life is conspiring against us. This can affect our self-confidence, mood and we may feel hopeless. You may have a mental health diagnosis or have symptoms which you would like to change. Whether you are looking for a brief intervention or longer term work, we offer a holistic assessment of your circumstances. We can work together to agree a plan that suits your situation. 

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Life coaching

Sometimes we don't feel like ourselves and don't feel we are living the life we want. Psychologicalm offers solution-focused approaches to help you identify and target those life areas where you want to direct your energies. Life coaching can be accommodated around your busy schedule, so let's get creative! 

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Psychologicalm can offer a bespoke service to your organisation. Through business and management qualifications and extensive experience with local authorities, financial and third sectors, we are well placed to support your organisation or team. Our services include team-building, psychological training for staff to support their wellbeing or that of your customers.  We can work with you to develop training courses for your organisation.

We offer Employee Assistance Programmes which may suit your business on either a short-term or long-term basis. With many organisations recognising the benefits of investing in employee health , why not contact us for an Organisational Wellbeing Assessment?