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these sessions do not constitute psychological assessment or therapy. they are designed for short-term, transient stress and mild psychological distress. Contact us for further information.

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We Fell in Love Summer 2019


Oran Mor Wedding Fayre March 2019

I owe you a favour...


Our table was laden with inviting resources including pocket/purse/wallet-sized cards and our Engagemint destressor. We want to support wellbeing by bringing new perspectives to familiar experiences like using taste, smell and breathing.



Mindfulness is about engaging in the present moment as at that time, it is all we have. Engagemint 'favours' included instructions for visualisations, five minute mindfulness and breathing exercises.

....was in the air


It was a fantastically friendly wedding fayre, set in a beautiful venue. It was marvellous to chat to so many people and share their joy, trepidation and anticipation. We look forward to making new acquaintances in the future.

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